Open Government & Smart Cities: IEEE CS e-Gov workshop with the Chicago Chief Data Officer


On June 12th, I’ll have the pleasure to lecture the IEEE CS e-Government (@IEEE_eGov) workshop tittled “Open & Smart Government Using Technology and Analytics” within the 2014 IEEE International Technology Management Conference. This workshop will have three parts. The first one, about e-Participation platforms, -by Luis Teran (@luisteran79)-; the second one, on Open & Smart Government –by me (@estratic)- (both members of IEEE CS e-Government committee); and the 3rd one about Chicago’s Openness & Smartness focused in the data & analytics field -by Tom Schenk (@tomschenkjr)-, Chief Data Officer (@ChicagoCDO), of the Chicago CIO’s Office.


Public-Private-People Partnership (PPPP), technology and data are pillars of the so-called Smart City revolution. Collaboration and participation, jointly with transparency are principles of Open Government. But both Open Government and Smart City need a joint and strategic view, aligned with cities’ public policies. Open data, as a tool of Open Government portals, and the presence of Chief Data Officers have become notable installments of recent municipal administrations. When deployed properly, open data portals clearly achieve initiatives to expand governmental transparency and openness. But open data is one pillar of a larger strategic data initiative. Open data can be a tool and lever to improve engagement between government and its residents, spark innovation in the local technology industry, and provide a basis for an advanced analytics with municipal administrations.

This session will discuss this strategic view of Open Government and Smart Cities, and how to data provides benefits beyond transparency and openness. Namely, we will focus on the interplay between open data portal and advanced analytics used to improve efficiency and quality of life in cities.

This a very good opportunity to know more about the link between Open Government & Smart City from a strategical, managerial and technological view, including topics as Big Government Data or the cases of Chicago’s open-source SmartData Platform, the City of Chicago data portal (one of the most robust open data portals in the world) or the Chicago’s online data dictionary, which is an open source project to map the city’s metadata.

As usual, this workshop as well as all conference’s workshops, panels & speeches, have the quality of an IEEE event. If you can attending, don’t miss this opportunity!!

Hashtag: #SmartGovIEEE

Best regards,

Carlos E. Jimenez



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