2017 European Interoperability Framework (EIF V3): aligning Open Data and much more

The new 2017 version of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF V3) has been published this week, including very interesting recommendations. The EIF has become an important reference in the field of interoperability and -as this third version shows- there is a true evidence of a very mature interoperability view. The first version of the EIF several years ago had a very limited interoperability view mostly focused on a technological view.

The evolution of the framework has been impressive. Based on the most advanced interoperability concept, aligned with current academic knowledge in this field, interoperability is not anymore “ability of systems”, but it is seen as a true “ability of organizations”, defining interoperability as “ability of organisations to interact towards mutually beneficial goals, involving the sharing of information and knowledge between these organisations, through the business processes they support, by means of the exchange of data between their ICT systems”.

This is the core concept, basis of an interoperability multi-dimensional view. Most of the important problems related to interoperability are not related to semantic or technical dimensions but are related to organizational dimension as well as interoperability governance. This is the definition that fits the most advanced view of interoperability. This concept that it was adopted more than seven years ago, now it has been powerfully developed.

It has been created not only a mature interoperability framework, but also a true public sector modernization policy, driven and engine by interoperability as a Principle. The European interoperability view has evolved to a true public policy, a true ecosystem thas includes an interoperability strategy, an interoperability framework, an interoperability architecture reference as well as interoperability guidelines in order to implement the modernization of the public sector based on the interoperability. It is interesting to say that -among other- the EIF V3 is also aligning key open government elements, including important recommendations related to fields such as open data or open source software. ISA2 is doing a great job. Very good news.

Carlos E. Jimenez-Gomez

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